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"If you want to know what the attraction of rock/blues is, it's all right here
in a track full of hard driven intensity, wailing harp, gruff vocals, and a
guitar solo that explodes out of the track. This is rock/blues at its
best.... there's enough drive, and raw energy to power a rocket."

Pete Feenstra Get Ready To Rock E-Zine

"... it is clear Highway 414 are not some novelty blues act as they have really put their heart and soul into the music... When all is said and done if you like the blues this is a no brainer."

Jon Neudorf - Sea Of Tranquility

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"Even if Blues Rock is your thing or just a casual classic rock fiend, you will find a record well done top to bottom, the classic blues trademark sound is performed on a high level and just a good fun cd to pop in your car to listen on the highway or a road trip."


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"They weave their way through a twelve track set of songs they clearly live in, day in and day out and they clearly love the music they play"

Dom Daley, UBER Rock

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“With Paul Fecke on harmonica and vocals, S. Aaron Oliver on guitar, Dan Behrens on bass and Eric Sorenson on drums, we have a perfect combo that actually listens to one another, making music for those who still like to hear updated but not outdated blues-style rocking, loud music.”

Martin Jack Rosenblum – The Shepherd Express

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